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It is 2.35am and loud construction work has been going on the footpath just outside my building for about half an hour.
Like I mean rumbling generators, excavators and jackhammers. Really subtle equipment.
I went outside and asked one of the workers how long they expected this to take and they guessed another hour.
For fucks sake, it’s a shared residential/commercial zone and my building has street-facing bedrooms. The building is old and porous, so not exactly soundproof.
Thank you City of Sydney for this considerate decision. It’s not like I’ve had stress-induced insomnia and could have benefited from some sleep before my 7am start.


Characters from MTV series Daria 

This was the whole commission. Sending it away tomorrow <3

Good advice Doctor Pigeon.


My supervisor went AWOL for about 3 weeks and now she’s come back with a million suggestions about the weakness of my argument and how I should change my perspective and all these key theorists I need to include.

There are 2 weeks until the deadline and she tells me this NOW???

shit shit shit shit shit